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Haugen, Moeckel & Bossart Cover The Importance of Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys

Common knowledge is that a personal injury claim is usually a car or motor vehicle accident. While an injury sustained in an automobile accident, where another was at fault, would be a personal injury claim; many other matters also fall under that heading. Therefore, before deciding whether you should hire a personal injury attorney, you first must know what an individual injury case is and how a lawyer can guide you in the process. 

What a Personal Injury Case is

First, you should know that there are other matters than car accidents that can many times be included under personal injury, i.e., slips and falls, workplace accidents (although you may be covered under workers compensation or disability, you may also have a personal injury claim), injuries caused during a storm or power outage, airplane, bus and train crashes, construction accidents, fires, food poisoning, drug or vitamin overdoses, animal bites, getting beat up, robbed, or otherwise injured inside or outside of a business, medical malpractice and even malpractice by an attorney. 

The Role of an Attorney

Have you been injured due to someone else's negligence, carelessness, or recklessness? To help you determine that, it is always better to rely on the assistance of knowledgeable attorneys. A top-notch personal injury attorney handles matters where there has been a personal injury, either physical or emotional, caused by another individual's negligence. If there was no negligence, then there is no case. There must be negligence, whether intentional or unintentional, on the part of another for a claim to be valid. In other words, you would have trouble making a case against your landlord, where you spilled water on your kitchen floor and then slipped and fell because of the water. However, if the landlord had failed to fix the plumbing under your sink and the water was on the floor because of leaky plumbing, then you may have a case. Other variables could come into play, and you would need to seek the advice of an excellent personal injury attorney to determine your rights.

Legal Compensations

At Haugen Moeckel & Bossart, our attorneys understand the pain and suffering you and your family members are experiencing and work diligently to pursue justice on your behalf; allowing you to focus your energy on your recovery. Moreover, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses associated with injuries you sustained due to the negligent acts of others, such as hospital and doctor bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, physical disability, property damage, among others. 

Therefore, when you are sorting through the overwhelming details of your injury, allow Haugen, Moeckel, & Bossart and its more than 50 years of combined experience and knowledge to guide you. Ultimately, our attorneys are ready to provide you with aggressive legal representation.



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