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North Dakota DUI Charges Leading To Additional Criminal Charges: An Overview 

For individuals charged with serious DUI and Negligent Homicide offenses in North Dakota, the criminal justice system frequently looks to impose harsh penalties. While a DUI offense can be painful enough, a crash that leads to injuries or death can lead to felony level criminal charges such as reckless endangerment, negligent homicide or even manslaughter. If you have this type of a criminal charge, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Can a DUI lead to other criminal charges?

A person charged with DUI in North Dakota can face misdemeanor or even felony level charges, but if the driving behavior is serious enough there could be additional charges.  Reckless driving behavior, speed, fleeing, and crashes mixed with alcohol will almost certainly lead to heavier charges for someone already suspected of DUI.  Reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and fleeing from police are the most common types of additional charges that can be imposed upon someone already under arrest for DUI.

DUI leading to crash involving injuries or death?

The offense of DUI in North Dakota can be immediately enhanced to a felony level charge with mandatory prison time if there is a victim suffering from serious bodily injury due to the DUI driving behavior.  If there is a victim who dies from that behavior, an enhancement to a felony charge is likely to occur, and there is a very heavy incarceration penalty that can be imposed as well.  If you know someone or have charges like this yourself, you need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for help navigating these serious charges.

DUI leading to Negligent Homicide and Manslaughter

If the driver’s negligence leads to the death of another (whether from alcohol impairment or not) a charge of negligent homicide can be charged.  Also, if there is evidence of reckless behavior leading to death, there could be an additional charge of Manslaughter (whether there is alcohol impairment or not).  Simply put, a DUI charge is a serious criminal charge, but additional charges could be added if there is additional criminal activity related to the DUI arrest.    



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